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Inside: Bristol's Private Mental Health Services

Workers from a children’s ward at Priory Hospital Bristol speak out about regular incidents of self-harm and alleged attacks on staff, following a six-month Cable investigation.

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'My insight into the Covid-19 testing fiasco in Bristol'

The national Covid-19 test and trace process is failing. But I didn’t realise to what extent until I tried to get my child tested after getting a fever late one Sunday night.

Coronavirus in Bristol

Inside Bristol schools during a new academic year like no other

Struggling to access Covid-19 testing, helping disadvantaged kids catch up, and anxieties about another lockdown: Bristol school leaders speak of the challenges of reopening to a new normal.

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Barriers in education: 'Bridging the digital divide more pressing now than ever'

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Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Desmond Brown, on knife crime, the justice system and being called a ‘police informant’


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Taking a deeper look at the issues affecting Bristol


A police informant says he was let down, now his life is in danger

Avon and Somerset Police persuaded ‘John’ to provide information about criminals he’d grown up with. One officer’s bending of police guidelines has left him living in fear.

Revealed: Failures in care for man who took his life at private mental health unit

Whose life to save? Investigating the ‘do not resuscitate’ form coronavirus controversy


Speedwell fire update: Landlord of The Office blackmailed by gang

The Cable can reveal that the landlord of The Office – the Speedwell building, which burnt down last year – has been targeted by a gang in an alleged blackmail raid.

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Inside: Bristol's Private Mental Health Services

Inside: Bristol's Private Mental Health Services

Inside: Young and pregnant in a mental health hospital for the first time

A young pregnant woman detained under the Mental Health Act for the first time shares her experience of being sent miles away from home. Both mum and daughter tell their story of navigating through the complex mental health system.

Revealed: Private mental health ward for children in Bristol to close

Opinion: ‘The NHS sends too many mental health patients to hospital for expensive, ineffective care’

Inside: Bristol's Private Mental Health Services

Losing myself: my experiences of psychiatric hospitals

My time in hospitals kept me alive when I was unable to do that myself, but it came with its own set of wounds. Now, I want to be part of changing the system.

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Inside: Private mental health services in Bristol investigated

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Launching an events calendar to amplify Bristol's communities

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Editorial: After Colston, now to tear down structures of racism, including in the media

Bristol Unpacked Podcast

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Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Sam Williamson, head teacher on education in one of the UK's most deprived areas

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Krazy, the local hip-hop heavyweight who punched a racist

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with David Goldblatt, on how sport can help save us from climate change

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Jimmy Galvin, the artist who hadn't read a book at 20

Coronavirus in Bristol

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Going behind the headlines on the biggest story of 2020.

Coronavirus in Bristol

Frustrated and ignored: Meet people excluded from Covid-19 financial support

Three million UK taxpayers have had no access to the government’s Covid-19 support packages. Excluded Bristolians say they have been left struggling and feeling angry.

WATCH: Confinement Stories - a snapshot of life in lockdown Bristol

Sites set up during coronavirus offer hope for new understanding between Bristol’s vehicle-dwelling communities and the council

Coping with Covid

Covid-19 brings difficult times for Trans people in Bristol as government expected to ditch reforms

Accessing trans healthcare was already a difficult and lengthy process and during the pandemic, it’s virtually ground to a halt. It comes as the government is expected to announce it has ditched plans to allow trans people to self-identify.

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Inside Bristol’s civil rights powerhouse

The idea of sharing a home across generational divides is having a come back

Cops need to come clean on predictive policing of 250,000 people

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